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Decreasing Registered Capital

A decrease of registered capital is mostly combined with a transfer of interest or with other changes to be incorporated in the Companies Register of the SR along with, but it can be made separately too.
In order to perform such a change, we will need a copy of the partnership agreement for all the information required in the documents for performing the change as well as the information about the sum, registered capital should be decreased of.

The value of limited liability company’s registered capital shall never drop below the value of EUR 5,000 and it shall always be integer.
All the documents required for decreasing registered capital will be prepared by experienced lawyers from our partner lawyer’s office, who have the corresponding education and skills in the commercial law. We grant upon a contract that the decrease of company's registered capital will be incorporated in the Companies Register within 21 business days.


The price of EUR 188 for decreasing registered capital includes:

  • Free legal advisory together with preparation of all the documents required for decreasing registered capital in the Companies Register.
  • Any and all communication with authorities.
  • Preparing and submitting a proposal for incorporation, takeover of the receipt of change incorporation, picking up the extract from the Companies Register of the SR.

Required steps:

  • Fill in and send us the ordering form or call us at +421 944 167 257.
  • We will send you a list of data required for preparation of the documents.
  • After receiving the data required we will prepare all the documents and send them to you for being signed.
  • We will provide the incorporation of changes in the Companies Register and notify authorities thereof.
  • You will receive the extract from the Companies Register with the current data and the invoice.

Pursuant to Act no. 586/2003 Coll., that service is not provided directly by our company, but rather by a collaborating law firm. The service will be provided to you and an invoice for services will be issued to you directly by the law firm and not by our company. The prices indicated on our webpage are determined by a lawyer himself and they are definitive. Our company renders assistance only.

Service: Decreasing Registered Capital

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