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Domain Registration

A domain name primarily contains letters with no diacritics, often a hyphen or numbers. For quick remembering, it should be as short and apt as possible.

We offer not only Slovak, but also other national and generic domains (.sk, .eu, .com, .cz) as well as currently more and more popular domain extensions (.info, .center, .company, and others). 


How to select the right domain:

  • First of all, think about the area of your company’s business. If you want to run your business in Slovakia only, the .sk extension is enough for you; if you're striving for making it, e.g., on the Czech market, find a domain, which have its .cz variant available too; and if you plan to reach even other markets, the extension .com (or .eu or .org) will be an ideal choice.
  • Perhaps the best idea is to have the domain identical with the name of your company, e.g. EASY START - But for the SEO optimization, maybe it would be even better to use also a keyword in your domain, which your customers can find you under. So think about a name containing such a key word such as
  • If you cannot find the right choice or if your preferred domains are occupied, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to find a suitable alternative.


Service name Price  
Domain registration 15 € / year I’m interested
Unlimited webhosting 50 € / year I’m interested


Service: Domain Registration

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