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Tax advisory

A complete service starting from 69 €/1 hour!

Ever-changing local regulations in the field of taxation, the ongoing harmonisation at the level of the European Union and the Slovak Republic in other multinational organisations, they represent not only a challenge for entrepreneurs, but also the opportunity to obtain an advantage over competitors. Even your company may get a more advantageous position in the market through the planning, tax risk detection, and optimization of the tax burden. 

Our services include expert advice in determining the tax base, tax planning, the provision of advice and explanation on the application of local as well as international law.
Expert advice for corporate clients begins when assessing the tax treatment of business transactions.


In addition, we assist in: 

  • the application of the rules on avoidance of double taxation,
  • the preparation of the transfer documentation,
  • due diligence,
  • and optimizing tax obligations.

Our experienced team will examine documentation and builds your income tax return for the income tax, VAT, car tax and local taxes. Except for tax returns, we arrange for the submission of other documents dealing with tax authorities (surveys, reports, announcements, etc.).
So that you can devote to your business, we undertake a comprehensive communication with your tax authority, from getting the necessary registrations through normal communication to the representation in tax audits.
In order to obtain the necessary overview on taxes, you will be informed about the legislative news and deadlines in a timely manner.

We will be happy if you entrust us with the care of your taxes.


We will process the subsequent acts:

  • VAT returns
  • Tax returns for income tax of natural persons, both the type A (employees) and type B (natural persons)
  • Tax returns for income tax (legal persons)
  • Tax returns for car tax
  • Tax planning and optimization of the tax base
  • Annual clearing of advances for income tax of natural persons from employment
  • Local taxes


But also:

  • Reports, reviews, announcements
  • Applications of the tax to the registrations
  • Communication with the tax authorities, the representation of a client during tax audit
  • Written statements to the tax problems of the clients
  • Notice on tax, transfer, and other deadlines and due dates
  • We inform you about the current changes in tax legislation
Service: Tax advisory

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