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Today you cannot exist without your own presentation website, where your customers can find any and all information required about your company, scope of your business, services/products offered, and contact information.

Important first impression

Browsing on the internet has been a common practice for several years, but the first impression of many websites is not representative anyway. Just to the contrary, they are obsolete and non-transparent. It is said that a website should be revised circa every five years to have it corresponding with ever new trends. The website appearance is a very subjective, but also the most important matter. Upon your website customers will evaluate your company as a whole.

In cooperation with you, our graphic designers and developers will find an ideal solution for developing a website that you and your customers will like, but that will also be in line with today’s modern times. Each presentation website must meet several basic attributes: it must be transparent, must contain all the information required and looked for by a customer, must be interesting and enchanting, but, first of all, must make customers to come back – to purchase, to read, to contact you.

Regardless of your goal, you will have developed a website that brings you expected results and, in particular, will offer good first and also second impression.


Service name Price  
Website development from 149 € I’m interested
Basic SEO optimization 100 € I’m interested
SEO optimisation from 300 € I’m interested
Domain registration 15 € / year I’m interested
Unlimited webhosting 50 € / year I’m interested


Service: Website Development

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