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Liquidation of companies

Liquidation of limited liability companies with the cancellation of their registrations in the Companies Register – a complete turnkey service from 1000 €!

The process of liquidation of a company is a time-consuming and complex process. If you decide to definitively terminate your business, we can offer services that include the complete process of liquidation of your company until the very end. The price has already included the court fee and guarantee of a trouble-free course of the liquidation.

As for this service, particular deadlines of your duties as well as deadlines of relevant bodies of the state administration are time-consuming and, therefore, it is necessary to count with the time horizon for the liquidation of your company of approximately 9 months.

We will enjoy handling all the steps necessary for a smooth and, in particular, successful cancellation of your company’s registration in the Companies Register of the SR on behalf of you.

For announcing liquidation of a company and the consequent cancellation of its registration in the Companies Register of the SR we offer you:

An explanation of the course of liquidation

A complete survey of the current situation the company in liquidation

Preparation of all the necessary documents for announcing liquidation of a company

Incorporation of the entry of the company into liquidation in the Companies Register

If necessary, preparation and filing of financial statements and tax returns of the company

Publication of the compulsory advertising in the Commercial Bulletin the SLOVAK REPUBLIC

Requiring consents from the relevant institutions (insurance companies, Tax Office in Bratislava, customs office ...) with the cancellation of the company’s registration

Providing cancellation of the company’ registration in the Companies Register of the SR

Liquidation of a company is, as a rule, possible only in the case where the company has settled all its obligations and owns certain assets that, after canceling the company, are to be redistributed among its associates. The value of the registered capital can also be considered such assets in spite of the fact that, in practice, such capital is usually paid off. The so called liquidation balance is distributed among the associates and the liquidator then submits a proposal for cancellation of the company’ registration in the Companies Register of the SR.

The liquidator is either Managing Director of the company or another person – a company like us. Cancellation of the company’ registration in the register usually lasts about 9 months – if no issues occur there. Execution of a company liquidation is also conditioned by the consent of the tax authority and completed bookkeeping. The price of this service depends on several factors, therefore we recommend you to schedule a personal meeting or telephone consultation, on the basis of which we set the price of the service.

The price of our services relating to the liquidation of a trouble-free company with no liabilities starts from 1 000 €!

Pursuant to Act no. 586/2003 Coll., that service is not provided directly by our company, but rather by a collaborating law firm. The service will be provided to you and an invoice for services will be issued to you directly by the law firm and not by our company. The prices indicated on our webpage are determined by a lawyer himself and they are definitive. Our company renders assistance only.

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