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Salaries and human resources management

In addition to the single-entry and double-entry bookkeeping, EASY START also offers you your salary administration. When providing your salary administration, we also have to pay attention to regular monitoring of changing regulations and to upgrading our expertise. On a monthly basis we will completely take care of your salary administration according to the Labour Code, Social Insurance Act, Health Insurance Act, and Income Tax Act. On a contractual basis, we guarantee 100% data privacy as well as privacy of the information processed.

The comprehensive salary administration from EASY START includes:

  • calculation of wages and salaries of employees
  • drawing up and sending payrolls
  • reports of deducted and transferred (monthly) tax advances and the subsequent electronic submission to the tax office
  • monthly statements of the advance payments of public health insurance premiums for HICs and subsequent filing by electronic means
  • monthly statement of premiums and contributions to the social insurance institution and its subsequent filing by electronic means
  • a summary of the wages (overall, name)
  • processing of the fund of working time (fixed working hours, irregular hours of work)
  • leave, absence, obstacles at work
  • sick leave
  • payment orders
  • internal statements of remuneration
  • remuneration of employees
  • non-cash income
  • wage deductions
  • creation of the wage provisions
  • accounting document as well as a breakdown of costs to accounting units and orders
  • creating and drawing social fund
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MZDY II (16-50 zamestnancov) 12,50 € I am interested
MZDY III (21-30 zamestnancov) 10,00 € I am interested
MZDY IV (31-40 zamestnancov) 9,00 € I am interested
MZDY V (41-50 zamestnancov) 8,00 € I am interested
MZDY VI (51-100 zamestnancov) 7,00 € I am interested
MZDY VII (100 a viac zamestnancov) Individuálne I am interested

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