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Adcut and Identity

Every company should have its own corporate identity, i.e. it should differ from other companies by its basic features such as company name, logo, characteristic colours or various promotional materials These features should be as characteristic for the company as well as for the scope and character of its business as possible. The ideal situation is harmony of features resulting in quick remembering, identifying of the company, and clear idea of the company


Company logo

The company logo is a graphic design of the company name, its initials, or a combination of an easily catchy picture or icon and the company name. When creating a logo, one should have a very long-term vision thereof, since your company should be first identifiable just through the logo and it should last for several or even many decades.

Modern logos are simple with no more than two or three colours used and even the font is adapted to trends. You should not be afraid of abstract ideas.


Basic package of promotional materials

In order to let your customers remember you, using your company colours not only in the logo, but also as a basis of your website and other promotional materials is an important factor. Except for the logo, we will create a complete package of promotional materials for you to be used for making you visible.

This package includes:

  • Design of headed notepapers
  • Design of business cards and stamps, envelopes, commercial sticks, pens, and other commercial items upon your wish
  • Creating a professional website meeting modern standards and optimized for browsers so as to enable your customers to find you on the web without any problem


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Graphic services - logo 50 € I’m interested


Service: Adcut and Identity

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