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SEO optimization for browsers

Besides the website graphic design and coding, we also offer you services of a SEO advisor, who will create a SEO analysis of keywords and a correct structure of the website for you and who will also propose other possibilities of getting the prime positions in the browsers.


Our SEO optimization includes:

  • Analysis of keywords
  • Webpage structure design
  • Technical part of the SEO optimization
  • Suggestions for creating other micro or landing pages suitable for backward references and correct targeting
  • Descriptions of pictures, videos, infographics, and other non-text parts of the site
  • Revision of texts due to possible duplicities
  • Writing a blog and gathering backward references


The price for the SEO package starting from EUR 290


What is SEO optimization for browsers?

The website SEO optimization for browsers means setting a site so as to get the prime positions for searched keywords. These keywords must also be contained on your website and, in the ideal case, you have to use it in all texts placed on your website. In Slovakia, Google is the mostly used browser. If your website is duly set up, it should attract many people who could be interested in your services or products. Once a customer visits your website, it will be important to provide him(her) as much available information of your company, scope of business, services, and visit rate as possible. This should result in using your services, purchasing products, and coming back to your website in the future.


Why SEO?

It surely does not end with creating a nice and modern website you'll be glad to show somebody. The original content of the website is even more important element. I.e. no copying of competitors. A browser would quickly evaluate your content as duplicate and move you down to a lower position than the website you were inspired by. The third step important for getting a good position for entered keywords is gathering first-quality backward references. People must write about you, other pages or satisfied customers must reference you. This is achieved through various discussion forums or social networks.

Try to tell five keywords, under which customer could be looking for you on the internet. If your website does not appear on the first page, it must be optimized. For increasing the visit rate, you can start to use paid advertising too, but it’s just another investment, which, if stopped, would result in an immediate decrease of the visit rate. The SEO optimization is a long-term, cheapest, and most credible way of using your website for winning a potential customer over your rivals.  Contact us and we will help you to get prime positions in Google.

Service: SEO Optimisation

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